Your communication is your power, which you need to control!

on a mission to create community collaboration-driven decentralized communication in the form of; “on-chain” email & messaging super app.

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Community-build dMail & dChat Super App powered by Four Token

We build a W2W E2EE dMail & dChat self-custodial application with permanent permissionless access resistant to censorship, de-platforming and data mining.

Discover opportunities to build with 4P and learn how Four Token plays a vital part in the future of Web3 OCC (on-chain communication).

"on-chain" communication fundamentals

4P leverages blockchain to provide secure, immutable, and self-sovereign communication without risking data ownership.

4P uses PollinationX decentralized storage NFTs to let users maintain data ownership and control over their communication, accessible only with their private key.

Unrestricted access ensures users can’t be de-platformed, with communication on 4P dMail & dChat unlocked solely by the user’s private key.

Communication is executed on public blockchains accessible and decryptable only by user’s private keys. In the case of the 4P downtime, anyone can spin up and run their open-source dMail or dChat client and access their communication data.

Encryptor Extension adds the communication E2E encryption layer within dMail & dChat currently unsupported in major wallets granting users unprecedented self-custody over their communication with personal encryption keys for full control.

Due to the 4P’s decentralized and self-custodial design, the users are in complete control over their data. No data ownership is lost or data mined in the process.

Multi-chain asset, a technical component & incentive vehicle


With over 10k wallet holders, Four Tokens expanded through the Ethereum, Polygon, BNB & Solana ecosystems.


By holding Four Tokens, users enable access to dMail & dChat Pro features, 4P Governance, and gated Discord community channels.

DEX Availability

Four Tokens are available on all the major DEXs like Uniswap, SushiSwap, Balancer, ApeSwap, PancakeSwap...

Test drive the dApp

Available on Ethereum, Mantle, Immu3, Polygon, Oasis, Metis, Zeta, Edgeware & Arthera TestNets. 

Step 01

Setup, Connect & Fund Your Wallet

Fund your wallet with gas (ETH, MNT, Matic, AA, aZETA, Immu). 

Step 02

Install & Setup Encryptor

Install the Encryptor Extension to enable self-custodial communication encryption by following the video guide.

Step 03

Communicate “on-chain”

Send your first “on-chain” email. Follow the user guides available within the documentation pages.

Be part of 4P's vibrant community

Join our collective effort, submit issues, pull requests, or offer general feedback on GitHub. Jump in the conversation on Crypto Twitter/X or access the gated community on Discord (coming soon) as we shape the future of “on-chain” communication.


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