4thpillar technologies updates

  • February 2020, SI-Chain partnership
    4thpillar technologies joined the Slovenian national blockchain testing infrastructure called SI-Chain. The Si-Chain implementation of 4thpillar technologies electronic data and documents exchange protocol and identity mechanism is underway. Supported by Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, powered by HashNET and Telemach, Si-Chain was established in November 2019 with the intent to enable testing of existing and new blockchain applications for the public and private sector. More information
  • April 2020, 4thtech and HashNET consortium
    Supported and approved by Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration, the consortium was formed between 4thpillar technologies and HashNET, to enter the INEA 2020 CEF Telecom Call with the blockchain eDelivery solution and SI-Chain implementation. More information
  • May 2020, CEF Telecom Call - eDelivery (CEF-TC-2020-1) application

    We have submitted CEF Telecom eDelivery Call application, with the objective to develop and deploy cross-platform eDelivery client, a DSI with a unique Access Point, that will leverage blockchain for electronic data and documents exchange. 

  • June/July 2020, SI-Chain deployment
    Si-Chain deployment of 4thtech electronic data and documents exchange protocol.
  • July 2020, 4thtech at Virtual Workshop Towards Global Interoperability Blockchain Infrastructure in Geneva

    UN/CEFACT Chain - Guidance for cross border interoperable blockchain infrastructure 4.0 was presented along with selected use cases on the 9th of July in Geneva. 4thtech eDelivery use-case presentation was presented at 12:00 (Geneva time). More information

  • September 2020, the publication of 4thtech MVP Short Paper 1.0
    As the completion of fully-featured 4thtech MVP (i.e. FOURdx, FOURid, FOURns) is close, we have prepared the project MVP Short Paper, that provides further and deeper project understanding. Follow the link and download the Short Paper
  • September 2020, Notarisation service deployment
    According to the plan, the 4thtech notarization service is operational and able to leverage the power of cross-DLT blockchains to confirm content authenticity and timestamp. To illustrate the Notarisation process, the video Notarisation tutorial was prepared, please follow the link.
  • October 2020, EIC/SME instrument 2020 Accelerator Funding Application
    With the main objective to deploy Document, eDelivery and Notarisation Blockchain Enterprise Suite (i.e. DEN-BES, a suite of applications essential in every organisation), 4thtech submitted to EIC-SMEInst-2b 2020 grant. With the EIC commission in session in Q4 2020, we keep our fingers crossed. Read more
  • November 2020, Digital Identity Mechanism moves to production
    After several concept cycles, the Digital Identity Mechanism moves to production. With the first deployment on Ethereum, the mechanism adds the last component and usefulness to existing blockchain electronic data and document exchange and document Notarisation service. Read more

4thtech solutions

Live & Operational

/**deliver immutable blockchain electronic data and document exchange accompanied by


Legal, governance and technical interoperability in-line with European Blockchain Services Infrastructure with global usability.

Blockchain Innovative

Exchange, Notarise sensitive electronic data and documents in seconds using the innovative 4thtech blockchain solutions.

Secure & Immutable

4thtech utilizes advanced encryption standard (i.e. AES), with a combination of RSA encryption to secure immutable blockchain electronic data and document exchange.

Multi-Chain Deployed

With the multi-chain deployment, 4thtech provides a variety of options to choose, whether from the interoperability perspective or transaction cost or speed.

Economy Proven

Two economic models; (1) subscription private-chain based with a variety of Tier options and fixed transaction cost, and; (2) transaction public-chain based with full transparency, but variable transaction cost.


Part of the SI-Chain and UNECE Chain initiatives that highlight new technology and outline's promising use cases which boast improved trust, transparency and efficiency.

4thtech Project Overview

In 2017, 4thtech proposed and later developed a DLT solution, which leverages trust provided by the blockchain to provide secure, immutable, instant cross-border electronic data and document exchange and eDelivery (i.e. FOURdx). Digital identity mechanism (i.e. FOURid) later followed, which can with the help of X.509 EU certificate standard verify the connection between a blockchain wallet and a person. Notarisation service (i.e. FOURns) is also an essential part of the 4thtech ecosystem and provides unique digital document timestamp and authenticity verification.

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Discover The power of 4thtech

(1) immutable and permissionless blockchain used as a “trust” network; (2) private and public-chain integration possibility; (3) legal, governance and technical interoperability; (4) scalability with transaction speed up to 50.000 per second (SI-Chain); (5) X.509 digital certificate standard compatibility; (6) advanced encryption standard (i.e. AES), with a combination of RSA encryption algorithms; (7) electronic data and document exchange with source authenticity and data integrity features including a time-stamp and file checksum, and; (8) local or cloud e-archiving storage options

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