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“The impulse behind the Blockchain-technology is revolutionary. This new 21-century technology brings online trust, security, privacy, authenticity, synchronise ledger and much more.”

Dr. Tali Rezun, 4ThTech co-founder

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a peer to peer public transaction ledger, a decentralised computer trust network. As we speak, applications are being built to match the EU requirements and specifications.

Blockchain Business Impact

Blockchain technology illuminates new business opportunities, renders old solutions obsolete. It brings online trust, undisputed transactions and more.

2020 & Beyond

With Active Products & Disruptive Blockchain Services

Active products ready for testing

We invite business developers, investors and organisations to take part in this exciting time of digital transformation. Test drive our products and upgrade your business with blockchain tailored solutions.


The 4THTECH products combine several advanced technologies and deliver blockchain based EU compliant solutions, more specific 4THTECH products solve document exchange and digital identity challenges. Our infrastructure combines unique functions and functionality and can be easily applied to any industry.

Is Blockchain the missing internet link? Reality,
Integration, Adoption, and Mainstream

There is a new technology at the horizon called blockchain, that in its core excludes any intermediary’s, it brings peer-to-peer communication, online trust, security, privacy, authenticity, identity, synchronizes ledger and much more. Could this be the long-awaited solution that could upgrade the internet and how it’s evolving?

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Industry & Business Applications

The 4THTECH products and services can be applied into various industries, as the need for secure digital eDelivery of sensitive documents is in demand.

INDUSTRY USAGE: Ensure secure data exchange to protect citizen information and maintain trust with Blockchain eDelivery of sensitive citizen documentation (i.e. tax statements, birth certificates, employee payslips, digital certificates). 

INDUSTRY ADOPTION: Estonia runs point in blockchain adoption. As explained by Williams Grut Oscar (2016), Estonia uses Guardtime technology with the partnership of Estonian e-Health Authority and Estonian Information Systems Authority to manage a blockchain network of private citizens, companies and government.

INDUSTRY USAGE: Enable exchange of value-holding documentation, such as proforma invoice, commercial invoice, certificates of origin, bills of lading, bank drafts, seaway bills, and other types of transport and shipping documentation.

INDUSTRY ADOPTION: A blockchain initiative for seaborne cargo is a good example of blockchain adoption, aimed at cutting costs and improving cargo tracking. For ocean cargo carriers, blockchain technology allows participants to share information as goods move through maritime focused supply chains, explained Paris (2019) from the Wall Street Journal.  

INDUSTRY USAGE: eDelivery of sensitive documents such as employee payslips, employee digital identity, patent exchange and more.

INDUSTRY ADOPTION: According to Deloitte opportunities and practical blockchain applications exist across automotive industry; (1) verification and process improvements; (2) vehicle management and incentives, and; (3) finance, payments and insurance.

INDUSTRY USAGE: Trust, simplicity, digital asset transfer and enhanced customer experience to online banking login and identification. 

INDUSTRY ADOPTION: The benefits of technology are just too hard to dismiss. J.P. Morgan (2019) points out, that their new Blockchain Centre of Excellence (BCOE) explores blockchain, develops the technology, invests in strategic partnerships, and participate in cross-industry consortia. 

INDUSTRY USAGE: Enable safe and discrete sensitive medical records exchange across organizations and enable patients to control their medical documentation.

ADOPTION POTENTIAL: According to Deloitte, blockchain technology has the potential to transform health care, placing the patient at the center of the health care ecosystem and increasing the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data. 

INDUSTRY USAGE: Transform the old paper insurance-policy delivery, help save the environment and digitalise your business with the support of Blockchain and 4th Pillar technologies.

INDUSTRY POTENTIAL: According to CBinsights there are four major blockchain applications to insurance industry; (1) fraud detection (immutable ledger can help eliminate common sources of fraud); (2) property (shared ledger and insurance policies executed through smart contracts can bring order to property insurance); (3) health insurance (medical records can be cryptographically secured), and;(4) reinsurance (simplify the flow of information and payments)


Partners & Recognition


In May 2018 Adriatic council awarder Dr. Tali Rezun with the Beyond 4.0 award for his dedication, promotion and accomplishment in the field of science, new technologies and innovation for the 4THPILLAR Blockchain platform.


“The 4th pillar project is unique. It is unique from a perspective that most of the people might know even now is there. But it is. And knowing that before it is too late is truly important. BDO”

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Become a part of the innovation

We invite business developers, investors and organizations to take part in this exciting time of digital transformation.

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