4thTech 2.0, Live & Operational

Multi-Chain Wallet to Wallet Data Exchange

4thTech web platform and wallet

Exchange data using FOURwaL and Platform 2.0

1. Multi-blockchain data file exchange

Try FOURwaL and 4thTech Platform to exchange and verify any digital data file (i.e. zip files, jpeg, pdf… ) from wallet to wallet using supported networks Ethereum, HashNet, Polkadot Edgeware.

2. Firefox & Chromium wallet extension

Use FOURwaL and connect to 4thTech Platform, manage your wallet keys and access Ethereum, HashNet, Polkadot Edgeware, while exchanging digital data, communication and token assets.

3. 4thTech ERC-20 & BEP-20 FOUR token

A multi-chain compatible asset, a technical components that enables 4thTech tokenization with STAKING/LOCKING and transaction discounts.

Get Started

1. Watch the Video Tutorials

Step-by-step video tutorials are describing how to set up and use the 4thTech blockchain wallet (i.e. FOURwaL) and 4thTech Platform.

2. Read the Use & Terms Section

Acceptance of the Terms of Use is entered into by and between you and the 4thtech. Please read carefully.

3. Download and Install the FOURwaL

The FOURwaL is a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Extension, that enables you to use Ethereum, HashNet and Polkadot Edgeware when exchanging data files from wallet A to wallet B.

4. Login and Start

Use 4thTech to exchange sensitive data, documents or to verify their authenticity and time stamp.

Discover the Technology

Scalable, interoperable, multi-blockchain electronic data exchange and digital identity solution.

The 4thTech ecosystem can be described as a network of applications and components that enable and deliver blockchain technology products and services.

Build with the best and latest technology such as Vue.js and Typescript, the 4thtech platform will achieve the highest development standards.

4thTech utilizes advanced encryption standard (i.e. AES), with a combination of RSA encryption and Secure hash algorithm 256 (i.e. SHA 256) to secure immutable blockchain electronic data and document exchange.

Blockchain Solutions for End-Users

4thTech leverages trust provided by the blockchain and enable end-users to access immutable, electronic data and document exchange (i.e. FOURdx), while blockchain document notarisation (i.e. FOURns) provides access to document time-stamp and authenticity verification via file checksum. Furthermore, FOURid confirmes and maps the connection between a blockchain wallet and a person, utilising the X.509 digital certificate standard.

Blockchain Solutions for Enterprise

4thTech ecosystem enables enterprises to solve important blockchain challenges within a niche industry of electronic data exchange and eDelivery while providing scalable, interoperable, multi-blockchain solutions. Furthermore, the Access Point (i.e. AP) will later be available to serve as a connection point between existing enterprise IT infrastructure (i.e. ERP) and blockchain network.

Blockchain Enterprise Adoption

Blockchain Adria is a leading blockchain hub in South-Eastern Europe connecting private and public stakeholders active in blockchain technology education. On Thursday on the 25th of March 2021 4thtech initiative head, Dr. Rezun talked about Blockchain Enterprise Adoption using 4thTech as a use-case.

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