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A decentralized Data Exchange Initiative

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Project Charter

Established in 2017, the 4thpillar technologies (i.e. 4thtech) is a blockchain technology innovation and development initiative whose charter is to enable blockchain; (1) digital identity (i.e. connection of digital certificate with blockchain wallet address); (2) digital data and documents exchange, and; (3) digital document Notarisation. The initiative is composed of individuals and companies who collaborate to create decentralized solutions for the benefit of everyone, compatible and in line with European Blockchain services infrastructure and usable or extendable globally.

The Consortium

4thtech European Consortium is composed of experts and companies working towards a common project goal of enabling blockchain data exchange, covering all aspects from digital identity to document verification.

The Story Behind the Brand

According to many, there are three fundamental technology developments in human history; (1) the invention of electricity; (2) the invention of the microprocessor, and; (3) the invention of the internet. We are certain, that the invention of blockchain technology is the fourth fundamental technology pillar, which revolutionary applications will yet to be revealed to the world.

4thtech Blog

Read about real people on a fin-tech journey of innovation, discover the technology, its team of experts, their commitment and dedication towards making a change. Explore 4thpillar technologies Medium blog.

Developed by Passion & Expertise

Dr. Tali Rezun

Under the domain of Cotrugli Business School, Tali Rezun finished his Business Master and later in 2018 his Business Doctorate. Dr. Tali Rezun is head of the 4thpillar technologies (i.e. 4thtech) initiative, a lecturer at Cotrugli Business School and a resident speaker at Blockchain Adria. His expertise includes blockchain enterprise adoption, digital identity, electronic data and documents exchange and blockchain technology in general.


  • For his achievements in the field of blockchain, Dr. Rezun was awarded by Adriatic Council with the “Beyond 4.0 award”
  • Due to blockchain knowledge expertise, Dr. Rezun was granted UN/CEFACT expert status

Denis Jazbec

Denis is a software engineer with more than a decade of experience. He is researching and developing blockchain and DLT solutions and acts as a main solution architect of the 4thpillar technologies project. Denis singlehandedly innovated the 4thtech solution of blockchain electronic data exchange. 


Highly proficient in PHP, JS, Vue.js, Typescript, MySQL and specializes in IT infrastructure, DLT networks and blockchain implementation, while developing in-depth knowledge on multi-blockchain processes and transactions, which makes him an expert in its field.

Supported and recognised by numerous partners and organisations

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