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About us

/**We implement Blockchain-based technology solutions and facilitate digital transformation for

“We are not a start-up, but an expert team of 16+ people. With over two decades of international business experience, we are a reliable partner and a trusted advisor. To realize the company vision we employ programming specialists and a strong expert support team.”



Četrti Steber d.o.o., Parmova 53, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia – Europe,
VAT:SI45442401, REG.NR: 8098492000


There are three fundamental technology developments in human history; (1) the invention of electricity; (2) the invention of microprocessor, and; (3) the invention of the internet. We are certain, that the invention of blockchain technology is the fourth fundamental technology pillar, which revolutionary applications will yet to be revealed to the world.

The Company

4THPILLAR brands (i.e. 4THTECH, FOURdx and FOURid) are developed and owned by the company 4th Pillar Ltd (Četrti Steber d.o.o.). European company, registered in Slovenia was founded in 2017 with a purpose to formalise the 4th Pillar project and serve EU future technology needs. The company official address is Parmova 53, 1000 Ljubljana. 

Company directives

Exchanging sensitive documentation or merely digital assets should be as easy as exchanging information. Blockchain technology proposes the ideal foundation to make this a reality. To address this issue we have developed safe, fast and inexpensive blockchain based solution, a future way of sensitive document exchange and eDelivery. Our technology was created so it could replace the traditional distribution services and actively reduce costs. We are building Individual Digital Identities by verifying wallet accounts through sensitive document exchange and KYC. With the creation of self-sovereign identities, we are able to simplify the identification process as it will be based on measurable data and proven facts. To go even further, FOURdx can reduce the usage of paper and actively help the environment. The applications of our protocols are limitless, as they could be applied to any industry.

What makes us unique?

The 4THPILLAR products combine several advanced technologies and deliver first blockchain based EU compliant solutions. What makes us unique is the way our infrastructure is conceptualized, developed and integrated into the business. Our products are blockchain based and combine several digital solutions that solve many well-known document exchange and identity challenges. The 4THPILLAR solutions have great possibilities for the future and the potential to expand. Our infrastructure combines functions and functionality that are not offered by anyone in the market today and can be easily applied to any industry.

Legislation Impact

In this time, companies are already using different systems for exchanging and storing sensitive personal electronic documentation within the company as well as between the company and individuals. Most of the digital activities and document exchanges run through emails, which is not a safe and EU compliant way of eDelivery. The solutions offered by the 4THTECH solve just that. Our platform provides secure, fast, EU compliant and technically refined solutions.

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