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4THPILLAR infrastructure currently consists of three main products: FOURdx, FOURid, and FOURadd-on. In the process of development, we have mastered our areas of expertise and designed unique services, which we can offer to the world.

  1. FOURdx- eDelivery and document exchange Blueprint

FOURdx is a protocol that allows its users to exchange and safely store sensitive digital assets among each other without any intermediaries.


The 4th Pillar ADD-ON is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It is one of our main innovations, a first system on the market capable of handling not only digital assets but also other assets such as links to encrypted documentation. Designed and build from the ground-up, the ADD-OD is fully operational and also offers a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage FOURid identities and sign blockchain eDelivery transactions.


Steps for installation; (1) follow on the link bellow; (2) add extension to chrome browser; (3) now you have installed extension, you can see icon on the right side; (3) click on that icon and setup your wallet; (4) refresh page and login.


4THPILLAR does not hold your keys for you. We cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords, nor reverse transactions. Protect your keys & always check that you are on correct URL. You are responsible for your security.

3. Is Blockchain the missing internet link? Reality, Integration, Adoption and Mainstream – RESEARCH ARTICLE

The internet changed the way we live, it opened the ways of unlimited communication and revolutionised access to information, but it failed greatly in regards to our personal digital freedom. Instead of providing trust, granted privacy, security, auditability, peer-to-peer communication, simplification and digital money, it evolved in to a system of global intermediaries, that manipulate our private data and charge a percentage for every interaction. There is a new technology at the horizon called blockchain, that in its core excludes any intermediary’s, it brings peer-to-peer communication, online trust, security, privacy, authenticity, identity, synchronize ledger and much more. Could this be the long-waited solution that could upgrade the internet and how it’s evolving?


Blockchain can enable parties with no particular trust in each other to exchange digital data on a peer-to-peer basis with fewer or no third parties or intermediaries. Data could correspond, for instance, to money, insurance policies, contracts, land titles, medical and educational records, birth and marriage certificates, buying and selling goods and services, or any transaction or asset that can be translated into a digital form. The potential of blockchain to engender wide-ranging changes in the economy, industry and society – both now and tomorrow – is currently being explored across sectors and by a variety of organisations.

5. 4thpillar Trademark application

Application for a European Union Trademark and notice of provisional filing date, (Article 30 (2), Article 32 and Article 41 of the EU Trade Mark Regulation). Your reference: 017683285, 4th PILLAR, Figurative mark including word signs, Četrti Steber d.o.o., Parma 53, 1000 Ljubljana – SLOVENIA

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