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Multi-Chain Enterprise Wallet to Wallet Data Exchange


Legal, governance and technical interoperability in-line with European blockchain services Infrastructure with global usability.

Mature Blockchain Solutions

Mature enterprise solutions based on the public permissionless and private permissioned blockchains with the support for Ethereum, HashNet and Polkadot Edgeware protocols.

Secure & Immutable

Utilizing advanced encryption standard (i.e. AES), with a combination of RSA encryption and Secure hash algorithm 256 (i.e. SHA 256) to secure immutable blockchain electronic data and document exchange.

Benefits & Performance

High customizability, scalability, fixed TX price, low cost of ownership with fixed TX speed up to 50.000 TX per second (i.e. TPS).

GDPR Compliant Application

No personal data is stored on the blockchain but resides off-chain. The 4thtech protocol records links to encrypted files and hashes of the encrypted content on the blockchain.

X.509 Digital Certificate Support

4thtech blockchain digital identity mechanism (i.e. FOURid) leverages eIDAS approved X.509 certificate standard to map blockchain address with a physical person od legal entity.

4thtech Solutions Diagram

In 2017, 4thtech proposed and later developed a DLT solution, which leverages trust provided by the blockchain to provide secure, immutable, instant cross-border electronic data and document exchange and eDelivery (i.e. FOURdx). Digital identity mechanism (i.e. FOURid) later followed, which can with the help of X.509 EU certificate standard verify the connection between a blockchain wallet and a person.

Notarisation service (i.e. FOURns) is also an essential part of the 4thtech ecosystem and provides unique digital document timestamp and authenticity verification. 4thtech ecosystem enables enterprises to solve important blockchain challenges within a niche industry of electronic data exchange while providing scalable, interoperable, multi-blockchain solutions.

Toward Blockchain Enterprise Adoption

Blockchain Adria is a leading blockchain hub in South-Eastern Europe connecting private and public stakeholders active in blockchain technology education. On Thursday on the 25th of March 2021 4thtech initiative head, Dr. Rezun talked about Blockchain Enterprise Adoption using 4thTech as a use-case.

Adoption Modules

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1. Enterprise Use Case

The first step towards enterprise blockchain adoption is the use-cases recognition accompanied by tailored blockchain design. 

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2. Ecosystem Participation

When choosing enterprise ecosystem participants, several options are available; (1) internal participants; (2) internal and external participants; (3) organisation and end customers.

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3. Private & Public Chain Support

Specific to enterprise needs, 4thtech supports public permissionless and private permissioned blockchains; (1) Ethereum; (2) HashNet and; (3) Polkadot Edgeware.

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4. SI-Chain Testing Network

Built on a HashNet technology, that employs DLT and consensus algorithm while increasing throughput to more than 50,000 transactions per second, SI-Chain enables enterprise testing infrastructure.

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5. Blockchain Access

(1) the Access Point (i.e. AP) will serve as a connection point between existing enterprise IT infrastructure (i.e. ERP) and blockchain network.

(2) Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 4thTech wallet (i.e. FOURwaL)

Private permissioned chain

Adoption Example

Use Case Excample:

Blockchain digital data exchange and eDelivery (i.e. FOURdx) within the organisation.

Ecosystem Participation:

(1) internal participants ecosystem within the organisation.

Blockchain Network:

(2) HashNet permissioned blockchain, subscription-based with FIX_TX cost.

SI-Chain Testing Network:

Enterprise blockchain network application testing before production deployment.

Access & Connectivity:

Core services platform access with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 4thtech wallet add-on (i.e. FOURwaL) available and open for all internal participants.

4thtech Enterprise Users

Why 4thTech Enterprise?

  • 4thTech helps you to find a balance between existing systems and blockchain implementations
  • Use-cases recognition and tailored made blockchain design
  • Fast complete end-to-end implementation and deployment
  • Successful use-cases from real estate, manufacturing, public sector …

Roadmap to Adoption:

  • Project consultation
  • Use case recognition
  • Technical design and architecture
  • Blockchain implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment


Discover Blockchain Data Exchange

Blockchain electronic data exchange (i.e. FOURdx) accompanied by document notarisation (i.e. FOURns) enables users to send or receive and notarise any kind of personal, legal, financial or other kinds of documents.

Blockchain Digital Identity Revealed

Blockchain digital identity mechanism (i.e. FOURid) accompanied with X.509 digital certificate standard and document exchange protocol enable users to send, receive and authenticate any kind of PDF documents signed with their digital certificate.


Adoption Models

TX-based Model


Based on the network transactions (i.e. TX) on public permissionless blockchains, it is most suitable for users that have the necessity for traceability of executed transactions.

Subscription-Based Model


According to the chosen monthly subscription plan, the user will be charged a periodic FEE for electronic data and document exchange TX. Based on the private permissioned blockchains it is most suitable for regulated users from the private and public sector and civil society.

Both models are viable, as users are coming from two completely different groups. The trade-off is between low-cost private-chains with no open TX traceability and public-chains with volatile and in most cases higher prices but publicly traceable TX


  • Fixed price, no volatility (i.e. subscription model)
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Fixed speed and performance up to 50.000 TPS (i.e. subscription model using HashNet)
  • Immutable
  • Decentralized and Scalable
  • GDPR compliant application
  • X.509 digital certificate compatible
  • Local or cloud data storage

Access Point, the connection between both worlds

4thtech Access Point

To connect to existing enterprise server backend systems, a high-end blockchain-enabled Access Point (i.e. AP) is needed. Govern by an Application Program Interface (i.e. API), the Access Point serves as a connection point between existing enterprise IT infrastructure (e.g. ERP) and blockchain network.

The Access Point is installed on the prospects enterprise servers and designed according to enterprise needs. In the same role, it will act as an enterprise blockchain gateway and wallet, a connecting point and a bridge between both worlds.

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