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Multi-Blockchain Asset

Cross-chain interoperability of ERC-20 FOUR with other blockchains essentially increases the decentralisation of liquidity and unlocks a universe of possibilities for further development. The users instantly benefit from lower fees and the native DeFi economy of the bridged blockchain. With unchanged total and circulating token supply, the FOUR ERC-20 exists on its native Ethereum blockchain, while a wrapped synthetic version exists on the bridged blockchains.

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Tokenization Service

Tokenization Service (i.e. TS) enables the monetisation of 4thTech transactions (i.e. TX) and services through the use of cryptographic tokens. The TS enables users to “fuel” the data and files wallet to wallet exchange using FOUR, ETH and EDG tokens. TS also allows users to receive service fee DISCOUNTs when STAKING/LOCKING FOUR.


Developed and deployed in 2018, FOUR acted as one of the technical components needed for the 4thTech platform TX tokenization protocol used on Ethereum public chain, combining three unique technical utility features; (1) embedded TTS interface (i.e. token teleportation-service); (2) MTO (i.e. multiple-transfer option), and; (3) tokenization with a GAS feature used for blockchain data exchange. Due to Ethereum extreme gas prices in 2020, ERC-20 FOUR had to evolve to become a multiverse asset occupying the space of multi blockchains and enabling users access to lower and faster transactions.

ERC-20 to BEP-20 Bridge

Currently, there is no one-click solution for bridging FOUR between Ethereum and BSC. ERC-20 FOUR was bridged to BSC using OmniBridge and xDai chain. The 4thTech team is currently working on a solution specifically developed to enable simple bridging between ERC-20 FOUR and BEP-20 FOUR. Until then a manual is available on how to bridge now, using OmniBridge. In the meantime a sufficient BEP-20 FOUR supply will be established on BSC, enabling users to benefit from BSC low transaction cost.

ERC-20 to SPL Bridge

The Solana Wormhole bridge enables ERC-20 FOUR to bridge to SPL FOUR available on the Solana blockchain. The Wormhole bridge uses decentralized cross-chain oracles (i.e. guardians) operated by a set of node operators that include top Solana validators and other ecosystem stakeholders whose incentives are strongly aligned with Solana and Serum (Solana.com, May 2021).

ERC-20 FOUR Specifications:

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BEP-20 FOUR Specifications:

SPL FOUR Specifications:

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