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The FOUR token

//**The FOUR token enables 4thtech ecosystem tokenization & serves as platform technical component// 


Users can “fuel” the electronic data and documents exchange TX on Ethereum using FOUR tokens as GAS.

FEE Discount Feature

TX tokenization service (i.e. TS) will allow users to receive DISCOUNTs when staking FOUR.

Technical Component

Embedded TTS interface (i.e. token teleportation-service), MTO (i.e. multiple-transfer option), and; (3) tokenization with a GAS and DISCOUNT.

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The FOUR token delivers three specific solutions and enables; (1) token teleportation service; (2) token settlement service, and; (3) tokenization with GAS and DISCOUNT features used for electronic data and documents exchange transaction.

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Tokenization Model

Tokenization Service (i.e. TS) enables the monetisation of transactions (i.e. TX) through the use of cryptographic tokens. The TS enables users to “fuel” the electronic data and documents exchange TX using FOUR, ETH and EDG tokens as GAS. TX TS allows users to receive DISCOUNTs when settling or holding FOUR, while also enables the possibility to settle in native chain tokens (i.e. ETH, EDG) but without the 4thtech services FEE DISCOUNT.


The FOUR tokens have been developed and deployed in 2018 as one of the technical components needed for platform TX tokenization and enable three functionality drivers used on public-chains; (1) embedded TTS interface (i.e. token teleportation-service); (2) MTO (i.e. multiple-transfer option), and; (3) tokenization with a GAS and DISCOUNT feature used for electronic data and documents exchange TX.


Embedded TTS interface or token teleportation-service, enables 4thtech wallet accounts with the ability to use ERC-20 FOUR tokens for GAS to execute electronic data and document exchange without having to pay for the native blockchain network TX FEEs. Instead, the account pays for TX FEEs in the 4thtech native FOUR tokens. 4thtech handles the settlement in the background.


MTO or multiple-transfer option is a settlement service that conserves blockchain network TX and bundles signed multiple TX together and settles them on the blockchain (i.e. as one TX). Once the TX has been settled, the TX is concluded. The bundling of TX enables 4thtech platform to scale as the overall number of TX generated on the designated blockchain network is kept at a minimum.


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