4thtech whitepaper

4thTech: White Paper

Read and capture the absolute project essentials. This White Paper was written in the form of the research paper, as a hybrid addressing the 4thtech product benefits and technology solutions.

4thtech MVP short paper

MVP: Short Paper 1.0

As the completion of fully-featured 4thtech MVP (i.e. FOURdx, FOURid, FOURns) is close, we have prepared the project MVP Short Paper, that provides further and deeper project understanding.

4thtech client

4thTech Client: Technical Paper

We propose a blockchain eDelivery cross-platform (i.e. Win, OS, Linux, Android and IOS) client development, that will provide electronic data and document exchange between users in a reliable, safe and trusted way.

4thtech client

Tokenization Model: Technical Paper

4thtech creates value by connecting electronic data senders and recipients into a marketplace, enabling them to exchange sensitive data and documents securely, using FOUR tokens as GAS and DISCOUNT features.

4thtech Ecosystem Diagram

4thTech ecosystem: Graphics representation

The 4thtech ecosystem can be described as a network of applications and components that enable and deliver blockchain technology products and services. Download the high-resolution PDF.


Is Blockchain the missing internet link?: Research Article

There is a new technology at the horizon called blockchain, that in its core excludes any intermediary’s, it brings peer-to-peer communication, online trust, security, privacy, authenticity, identity, synchronizes ledger and much more.

Initial steps toward blockchain enterprise adoption: Research Article

This article clarifies the basic steps towards blockchain enterprise adoption and acts as a guideline using two suitable project use-cases as examples; (1) HashNet as an advanced blockchain network, and; (2) 4thtech as blockchain application.

Multi-chain interoperability: Research Article

This article clarifies the logic and necessity behind multi-chain interoperability and acts as a guide using 4thtech project use-case as an example. (coming soon)



4thTech 2.0 Brings Viable Blockchain Digital Data Exchange: Project Article

To be able to exchange digital data carefree over the internet, without the danger of identity and cyber data theft can be beneficial to many.


The Re-Design 2.0: Project Article

The re-design is a part of the 4thTech 2.0 campaign and brings impressive graphic approaches packed in a modern minimalistic design inspired by crypto space.

4thTech 2.0 Round Table 2021: Project Article

The 4thTech 2.0 round table will be a one and a half hour event especially designed for blockchain users who want to deeply immerse in the topic of 4thtech decentralised electronic data exchange, blockchain network protocols and multi-blockchain application advantages.

4thtech Project Ecosystem - Article

4thTech Project Ecosystem, Main Solutions and Core Components: Project Article

The 4thTech (i.e. 4thpillar technologies) ecosystem can be described as a network of applications and components that enable and deliver blockchain technology products and services.

4thtech Article Cover

4thTech 2.0 Update, Crucial Adoption Leap Forward: Project Article

The new update is called the 4thTech 2.0 and brings impressive new functionalities packed in a modern minimalistic design

4thtech Article Cover

Upgrade to Production Server infrastructure enables Containerisation and Scalability: Project Article

Three main completed innovations are forming the rationale and framework needed for further development, legislation adoption, multi-chain deployment and recognition.

4thtech Article Cover

Explore 4thTech Blockchain Solutions and Use Cases: Project Article

This article explores 4thTech three main solutions and various use-cases specified according to; (1) solutions; (2) proof, and; (3) industry sectors.

4thtech Article Cover

FOURid connects blockchain wallet address with a physical person or legal entity: Project Article

4thTech blockchain digital identity mechanism (i.e. FOURid) leverages eIDAS approved X.509 certificate standard to connect blockchain address with a physical person od legal entity.

blockchain notarisation service

Blockchain Document Notarisation (i.e. FOURns): Project Article

FOURns is a by-product of 4thTech electronic data and document exchange protocol and can leverage the power of blockchain to facilitate source and time confirmation for digital data and documents.

4thtech Article Cover

4thTech Use-Case and the Scope of the UN/CEFACT: Project Article

It’s promising to see that 4thTech’s blockchain eDelivery solution is being recognised by UN/CEFACT.

4thtech Article Cover

The Scope of SI-Chain and the first Application Deployment: Project Article

4thpillar technologies joined the Slovenian national blockchain testing infrastructure called SI-Chain at the beginning of 2020, since then, the team has been productive. It has already launched its first application.

4thtech Article Cover

Beyond 4.0 Award by Adriatic Council: Project Article

In May 2018 Adriatic Council awarded Dr. Tali Rezun with the Beyond 4.0 award for his dedication, promotion and accomplishment in the field of science, new technologies and innovation for the 4thTech blockchain initiative.


4thtech Article Cover

FOURid Moves into Production

After numerous revisions and iterations, the company has announced that it has a complete concept (FOURid) capable of reliably connecting a blockchain wallet to an individual or corporate entity.

4thtech Article Cover

4thTech Breaks Ground with Blockchain Notary Service

FOURns is an operational blockchain notarization service that can store, timestamp a document, and verify the authenticity of the document.

4thtech Article Cover

Four (4thTech) 2020 Recap – Part 2

After three years of development, 4thTech will be ready to debut its fully-featured MVP before 10/10/2020. The MVP contains the three main components: FOURdx, FOURid, and FOURns. Combined, these will form a comprehensive enterprise solution.

4thtech Article Cover

Four (4thTech) 2020 Recap – Part 1

In 2017 4thTech created a new way to securely send documents. They later developed the technology to interface with a blockchain wallet to the identity of a person. This laid the foundation for their new eDelivery service.

4thtech Article Cover

4thTech Continue to Make Progress in 2020

4thTech has been steadily making progress on its eDelivery system in 2020, a system that will see even more updates moving into the latter part of the year.

4thtech Article Cover

4thpillar’s Development of eDelivery System

4thTech (4thpillar technologies) enables a blockchain eDelivery protocol to leverage trust directly from the blockchain.

4thtech Article Cover

SIChain Blockchain Rewires Infrastructure in Slovenia and EU

At the end of last year, Slovenia became the first Member State of the EU to establish a blockchain test infrastructure.

4thtech Article Cover

Blockfyre Coin Research: 4th Pillar Technologies ($FOUR)

4th pillar technologies is developing blockchain-based solutions to help any type of entity or corporation to impulse its digital transformation.

4thtech Article Cover

UN’S Global Interoperable Infrastructure

On the 9th July, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) will hold a virtual workshop from Geneva to discuss ongoing work on their proposed cross-border interoperable blockchain infrastructure 4.0.

4thtech Article Cover

4thtech’s Blockchain Solution Gaining EU Traction

More recently UN/CEFACT has been exploring the potential of blockchain technology, since it may be able to improve trade facilitation in Europe.

4thtech Article

One Of Most Viable Blockchain Solution Upgrades To Existing EU EDelivery

4th pillar technologies is developing blockchain-based solutions to help any type of entity or corporation to impulse its digital transformation.

4thtech Article Cover

Using Blockchain To Improve eDelivery With 4thTech

By using blockchain to create an eDelivery solution there can be significant advantages compared to existing eDelivery solutions.

4thtech Article Cover

4thpillar Technologies X TDC Exclusive Interview

4thpillar technologies (4thtech) is tackling the eDelivery market by using blockchain technology to create a solution that’s much more secure than current methods.

4thtech Article Cover

An Introduction To 4thpillar Technologies

One blockchain company called 4thtech technologies (4thtech) is leveraging blockchain technology to create a series of solutions that could transform eDelivery and online identity verification.


Dpanquan: FOUR Smart Contract Audit Report

In this audit, a comprehensive analysis of common vulnerabilities in smart contracts was conducted. The FOUR contract code complies with the ERC-20 specification, and no known vulnerabilities have been found; thus, the comprehensive audit of FOUR is passed.

Dpanquan: FOUR Smart Contract Audit Certificate

The scope of certification is as follows; 1. Asset risk caused by technical vulnerabilities; 2. Risk of additional issuance due to business design defects; 3. Moral risk of asset loss due to excessive user authority in the contract; 4. Other technical high-risk coding defects.

Chuangyu: FOUR Smart Contract Audit Report

This report under the number FOUR- ZNHY - 20200903 evaluates security and standardization of FOUR's smart contract code.

YSL LEGAL: FOUR Legal Opinion Summary

As elaborated we are of the opinion that the FOUR tokens are not “capital markets products” as stipulated or contemplated under the Securities and Futures Act by virtue of the Token Functions.

4thtech blockfyre report

Blockfyre: 4thTech 2020 Report

Blockfyre provides in-depth reports on the best blockchain-related projects. seek to produce high quality, objective and practical content Blockfyre focuses on projects that differentiate themselves through their technology, adoption and value proposition.



4thTech 2.0 Round Table Invite, 20 April 2021

The 4thTech 2.0 round table will be a 1.5h event especially designed for blockchain users who want to deeply immerse in the topic of 4thTech electronic data exchange, blockchain network protocols and multi-blockchain application advantages.

Online Workshop Invite, 9 July 2020 Geneva, Switzerland

This virtual workshop will present ongoing work on the project “UN/CEFACT Chain. Ensure your event access.

UNECE Workshop 4thtech Presentation Slides

The Geneva UNECE event 4thTech presentation provides the understanding to blockchain electronic data and documents exchange protocol use-case.

Video Tutorials&Events

intro to 4thtech

Introduction to 4thtech: Video Presentation

This video introduction presents the basics and acts as a project introduction.

User Use-Case 1: Video Tutorial

Blockchain electronic data exchange (FOURdx) accompanied by document notarisation (FOURns) enables users to send or receive and notarise any kind of personal, legal, financial or other kinds of documents.

User Use-Case 2: Video Tutorial

Blockchain digital identity mechanism (FOURid) accompanied with X.509 digital certificate standard and document exchange protocol enable users to send, receive and authenticate any kind of PDF documents signed with their digital certificate.

4thtech team showreel

Team Presentation: Video Showreel

Meet the 4thtech project team through their video statements gathered from 2018 to 2020.

tx comparison test

Ethereum vs. SI-Chain TX Speed Comparison: Video Test

Within the SI-Chain eDelivery protocol deployment activities, we have prepared the transaction eDelivery performance video test on Ethereum and SI-Chain. Observe the process in action and discover the protocol at work.

4thtech promo film

Project Presentation: Promo Film

The promo film was produced already in 2018 but released later in 2020 as a part of the project promotional activities. The production was made in Ljubljana, staring famous Slovenian actor Roman Končar.

4thTech 2.0 Round Table 2021: Online Event Recording

Join us when we discussed decentralised digital data exchange and multi-blockchain application advantages.

Blockchain Adria 2021: Enterprise Adoption Video Presentation

Blockchain Adria is a leading blockchain hub in South-Eastern Europe, on the 25th of March 2021 4thTech initiative head, Dr. Rezun talked about Blockchain Enterprise Adoption using 4thTech as a use-case.

LBank & Friends 2020: Video Event Recording

4thTech presented at Live LBank & Friends Event in the Chinese city of Sanya on the 23 of December 2020.

UN/CEFACT Geneva Event 2020: 4thTech Use-Case Video Presentation

4thTech blockchain eDelivery protocol is one of the use cases that were presented at the Geneva UN/CEFACT event, that will later be featured as a recommendation in the whitepaper known as UNECE Chain.

Blockchain Adria 2018: Video Event Recording

In March 2018, the 4thpillar technologies presented the blockchain eDelivery protocol on Blockchain Adria conference in Zagreb Croatia. Blockchain Adria is the largest conference in the region. The Zagreb event was overbooked with over 1000 attendees, 20+ speakers from 10 countries.

Infosek 2018: Video Event Recording

In November 2018, the 4thpillar technologies presented the blockchain eDelivery protocol on Infosek conference. Infosek is the largest event in Slovenia in the field of information security offers participants the opportunity to learn from the best information security experts from Slovenia and abroad.

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