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The Daily Chain / 11.10.2020 / FOURid Moves into Production

For the last three years, 4thpillar Technologies (4thtech) has been hard at work creating a decentralized identity mechanism for blockchain. After numerous revisions and iterations, the company has announced that it has a complete concept (FOURid) capable of reliably connecting a blockchain wallet to an individual or corporate entity. Upon implementation, this service will be a step forward in productivity for small and enterprise companies alike.

The Daily Chain / 18.9.2020 / 4thtech Breaks Ground with Blockchain Notary Service

To the general public, enterprise services are not the most exciting sector. Many of the services provided run in the background, invisible to the users and clients. But while most are unaware of the daily functions of IT, logistics, and operations, any stall or delay in these departments results in delays and loss of profit. Conversely, optimizing these industries improves efficiency across the board. One application sorely in need of an update is Notarization. With the recent update to its FOURns service, 4thpillar (4thtech) is preparing to disrupt the multi-billion dollar notary industry.

The Daily Chain / 5.9.2020 / 4thtech 2020 Recap – Part 2

While the cryptocurrency world focuses on DeFi and yield farming, 4thpillar (or 4thtech) is working diligently on its MVP for enterprise blockchains. Our second recap for 2020 will highlight their path towards an MVP and continue to explore their developments and updates.

The Daily Chain / 12.8.2020 / 4thtech 2020 Recap – Part 1

Fourth Pillar (short for 4thtech) has had an exceptionally busy year. We at The Daily Chain have kept up with the company and its journey to bring blockchain technology to corporate and private industry. Blockchain infrastructure projects may not seem as tantalizing as Bitcoin but it is nonetheless a necessity as decentralized ledger technologies become more widespread. Today we are bringing the first of two articles to recap their accomplishments and explore their future plans.

The Daily Chain / 28.7.2020 / 4thTech Continue to Make Progress in 2020

The world moves at the speed of business. Communication networks allow deals to be struck and signed at an accelerated pace. One of the systems that will enable this to take place is the ability to send documents digitally. 4thtech has been steadily making progress on its eDelivery system in 2020, a system that will see even more updates moving into the latter part of the year.

The Daily Chain / 24.7.2020 / 4thpillar’s Development of eDelivery System

In a recent video conference details about 4thtech eDelivery system were revealed. It was hosted by Nena Dokuzov, the project lead for The United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)UN/CEFACT Chain project. The 4thtech Co-founder and Council Chair Dr. Tali Rezun, presented his update to the project. The focus of Dr. Rezun’s presentation was on the current problems in the eDelivery system and his team’s proposed solutions.

UNECE / 21.7.2020 / Online Workshop: “Towards Global Interoperable Blockchain Infrastructure” 

UNECE virtual workshop presented ongoing work on the project “UN/CEFACT Chain – Guidance for cross-border interoperable blockchain infrastructure 4.0”. The project is following two main directions: 1) to establish a framework/mechanism for development and implementation of the UN/CEFACT blockchain services infrastructure, which will be compatible and in line with other services infrastructure and usable or extendable globally, and 2) to prepare a whitepaper on the strategy for development and implementation of interoperable global blockchain technology infrastructure, taking into consideration existing relevant standards.

The Daily Chain / 13.7.2020 / SIChain Blockchain Rewires Infrastructure in Slovenia and EU

At the end of last year, Slovenia became the first Member State of the EU to establish a blockchain test infrastructure. The infrastructure is similar to China’s national blockchain initiative. China has become a world leader in the development of blockchain, with Slovenia and SIChain a very close second.

The Daily Chain / 8.7.2020 / Blockfyre Research: 4th Pillar Technologies

4th pillar technologies is developing blockchain-based solutions to help any type of entity or corporation to impulse its digital transformation. The team developed a working eDelivery protocol and a digital identity mechanism that allows the exchange of sensitive data and documents in a safe and cheaper way.

Icoexaminer / 7.7.2020 / UN’S Global Interoperable Infrastructure

The project, known as UN/CEFACT Chain, is under the guidance of the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronics Business (UN/CEFACT) which is an intergovernmental body who officially seek to facilitate “…national and international transactions, through the simplification and harmonization of processes, procedures and information flows….”

The Daily Chain / 6.7.2020 / 4thtech’s Blockchain Solution Gaining EU Traction

Our lives undeniably rely on technology. Without it, the world would grind to a halt. Supply chains couldn’t function. Most jobs would become impossible. Furthermore, technological innovations are a core part of the progression of society. When new products or services become available, in no time it’s hard to imagine life without them.

The Daily Chain / 1.7.2020 / One of most viable blockchain solution upgrades to existing EU eDelivery

Blockchain is a clear contender to solve this problem due to its immutability and ability to facilitate privacy. Thus, 4thpillar technologies (4thtech) created a blockchain eDelivery protocol, known as FOURdx, which provides a fast, secure and cheap means to exchange sensitive electronic data and documents using blockchain technology. This technology can replace the existing distribution services while reducing costs and increasing trust. 

The Daily Chain / 22.6.2020 / Using blockchain to improve eDelivery with 4thtech

The European Union has a strategic goal to develop digital services because they are important for growth and competition for Europe. In 2014 the European Commission decided to use one of its funding programmes, called Connecting Europe Facilities (CEF), to support the development of eDelivery. eDelivery determines technical specifications that can be used in any Policy of the EU (Justice, Bussiness, Consumer Protection, etc.) to enable the secure and reliable exchange of documents and data. The existing CEF eDelivery method enables the reliable and trustworthy exchange of information using a distributed model known as the 4-corner model, in which users don’t directly exchange data but instead do so through Access Points.

The Daily Chain / 9.6.2020 / 4thpillar technologies x TDC exclusive interview

4thpillar technologies (4thtech) is tackling the eDelivery market by using blockchain technology to create a solution that’s much more secure than current methods. We recently sat down with the 4thtech team to find out more about their business and what’s coming in the future.

The Daily Chain / 2.6.2020 / The Daily Chain Primers: An introduction to 4thpillar technologies

There’s no denying that the internet has changed the way we live. Losing the internet would stop our society in its tracks. However, over time the internet has become something we all rely on yet somewhat resent, because by using services on the internet we are throwing away our digital freedom.

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