Cloud hosting partner

As 4thTech solutions moved to production, it was time to also move to production server infrastructure. We have chosen the Linode, Linux virtual machines cloud server infrastructure. With 11 data centres worldwide, extensive peering relationships, and Next Generation Network (NGN), Linode delivers the modern infrastructure and performance to innovate at scale.

Tolar hashnet


HashNet is a scalable, fast, secure, and fair decentralized-beyond blockchain project, which keeps all positive characteristics of blockchain technology while increasing throughput to more than 50,000 TPS. Designed with these unique characteristics HashNet is a perfect underlying blockchain infrastructure to enable enterprise adoption for 4thTech solutions.



4thpillar technologies joined the Slovenian National Blockchain testing infrastructure called SI-Chain. The technology will initially facilitate transactions and the creation of smart contracts. The first application on SI-Chain is 4thTech’s FOURdx, eDelivery service that allows the secure and reliable exchange of documents and data across borders and sectors.


Where we act as research panellists, creating value post-conference and co-research worldwide blockchain adoption for the public and private sector.



For his achievements in the field of blockchain covering the 4thTech project, Dr. Rezun was awarded by Adriatic Council with the “Beyond 4.0 award”.



Online Guerrilla is a service provider, that deals with online strategy’s, tactics, content and brand awareness. Established in 2005, Online Guerrilla offers unique expertise from the fields of online brand awareness, web-application development, advanced website design, SEO and professional value-added content creation, which been has strategically applied also for the 4thpillar technologies brand from the very beginning in 2017.



BDO’s global organisation extends across 167 countries and territories, with 88,120 people working out of 1,617 offices – and they’re all working towards one goal: to provide our clients with exceptional service. BDO supported the project from the beginning in 2017 and helped create a project compliant financial framework within the 4thTech Consortium.

aeon real-estate


In February 2020, a group of real-estate agencies from SE Europe (i.e Aeon Group d.o.o. and Arenda real estate d.o.o.) under the franchise of Century21 joined our blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) testing program.


The third biggest human resource agency in Slovenia, Naton human resources supports the 4thtech project from 2018. Naton, was one of the first early adopters, testing the blockchain eDelivery protocol, towards solving their digital data and document exchange challenge.

Work Service


Work Service is the biggest Polish human resources agency, with branches covering most of SE Europe and employing over 100.000 people. Work Service recognised the project potential and became a supporter and partner of the 4thTech initiative already in 2018.


ZZI is the leading electronic data and document exchange provider in the region, experts in digitalisation, smart logistics and procurement chains. ZZI has educated the project development team and supported the research and development of blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) as we know it today.

The Daily Chain


“We are delighted to enter a Media Partnership with 4thPillar technologies to provide informative and educational content about this exciting new project. They are a young company in the Blockchain space with huge potential and we are looking forward to helping them grow and evolve over the coming months.” The TDC team


“We are DOF Group” Individuals with a unique perspective on each project, who put all their efforts to advance our clients business to the next step. Over the years we developed the skills to take a partner’s ideas and frame them into existence for all their customers. We don’t guarantee business success, but we always deliver on making a product speak to its audience.

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