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blockchain technology use-cases pioneers

Up to now 4thpillar technologies developed and deployed five important blockchain-based use-cases; (1) blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx); (2) digital identification mechanism (i.e. FOURid); (3) blockchain notarization service (i.e. FOURns); (4) blockchain gateway (i.e. FOURwaL), and; (5) four-token with transaction tokenisation service, TTS and MTO (i.e. FOUR).


Blockchain eDelivery has significant advantages, comparing to traditional eDelivery. It is based on a distributed model where the electronic data and documents exchange process runs between blockchain wallets, where private and public cryptographic keys are used for transaction authentication.

The current CEF eDelivery solution is based on a model, where the Access Points of eDelivery implement an electronic data and documents exchange protocol, which ensures secure and reliable data exchange. Trust is established between two public administrations’ Access Points and the electronic data and documents exchange is activated.

4thpillar technologies blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) leverage trust provided by the blockchain and provides secure, immutable, instant cross-border electronic data and document exchange. The protocol is also capable of; (1) connecting senders and receivers by executing electronic data and documents exchange; (2) performing eDelivery based on the current EU guidelines; (3) archiving securely encrypted data, and (4) following the GDPR guidelines.

The protocol was built in Solidity, tested on Kovan network and implemented on Ethereum main net in Q3 2018. In 2020 the protocol was deployed on SI-Chain which is based on HashNET.


For easier blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) understanding operational segments were created; (1) the electronic data and documents are uploaded to the FOURdx API (i.e. currently limited to 20MB file size); (2) the electronic data and documents are stored in the repository; (3) the user is provided with the “link” of the saved location; (4) the link is sent to the blockchain, and; (5) the recipient can download the electronic data or documents and decrypt it with his private key saved in the browser’s 4thtech add-on.

Deployed on Ethereum and SI-Chain, the blockchain eDelivery protocol is available for testing.


There is a constant need for online identity verification, and despite the move towards digital transactions, there is still the need to use physical identity documents. According to Economic Commission for Europe Executive Committee Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business Blockchain in Trade Facilitation: Sectoral challenges and examples, 2019, blockchain holds promise in this regard and could be used to create and verify digital identities, for individuals and organizations. eIDAS (i.e. electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is an EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single Market. It was established in EU Regulation 910/2014 of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and repeals directive. 4thtech digital identity mechanism (i.e. FOURid) will leverage protocols such as eIDAS and other government established verifications protocols.

Blockchain digital identity mechanism (i.e. FOURid), derives as a direct result of the existing blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx). The identity mechanism is capable of individual wallet address verification from the authorized third party (i.e. employer, state, motor vehicle licencing department, etc.). A link is created between an individual (or organization) and their wallet, which holds the content and digital assets.

Designed and developed from the ground-up as a web application with web API, the current solution is fully operational and offers; (1) user on-boarding authorization through a KYC identification process; (2) receiver public RSA key storage; (3) verified connection between the user and his or hers blockchain wallet.

The upgrade of the existing identity mechanism is in development, focusing at identity verification between organization and individual (e.g. the state and the citizens, schools and students, etc.), to enable; (1) fulfilment of the digital identity request form by the individual, which results in wallet creation; (2) the individual identification (i.e. KYC) using either personal identification, video call or some other already established method (i.e. eIDAS); (3) issuing of unique KYC verification by the organization; (4) sending of digital identity encrypted verification data package by the organization, through the smart contract to the receiver; (5) receiving and decryption of the verification data package by the individual/receiver; (6) the confirmation od identity data package by the individual by imputing the unique KYC verification code in the system; (7) system data verification and individual identity conformation. (Rezun & Jazbec, n.d.)

Deployed on Ethereum and SI-Chain, the digital identity mechanism is available for testing, but will be fully developed within cross-platform 4thtech client.


4thtech notarisation service is able to leverage the power of cross DLT blockchains and facilitate source and time confirmation for digital data and documents. The notarisation function will be soon available for testing as a part of the blockchain eDelivery protocol and will later be an integrated function of 4thtech eDelivery cross-platform client. 

4thtech notarisation main functions; (1) store and timestamp a digital data or document; (2) verify the digital data or document authenticity, and; (3) access and review the notarisation details. 

4thtech notarisation is an essential part of the 4thtech eDelivery ecosystem; (1) a by-product of eDelivery protocol and digital identity mechanism, and; (2) a feature of the 4thtech eDelivery cross-platform client.

4thtech notarisation process; (1) user account creation using 4thtech blockchain gateway (i.e. fourwal); (2) user account verification using 4thtech digital identity mechanism (i.e. fourid) which uses established online verifications protocols (i.e. digital certificate standard x.509 public key infrastructure); (3) digital data or document upload to the data repository, using edelivery protocol (i.e. fourdx), and; (4) blockchain notarisation checksum and timestamp verification, using 4thtech unique notarisation service.

Deployed on Ethereum and SI-Chain, the blockchain notarisation service is available for testing.


According to (Cryptocurrency wallet – Wikipedia, n.d.), a cryptocurrency wallet is a device, program or service which stores the public and/or private keys and can be used to track ownership, receive or spend cryptocurrencies. As all cryptocurrencies run on blockchains, cryptocurrency wallet can be referred also as blockchain wallets. Up to now, blockchain wallet was mostly used for cryptocurrency asset holding and exchange.

The 4thtech blockchain wallet gateway is a Google Chrome extension, that allows you to visit the decentralized web of tomorrow in your browser today. It is one of the 4thpillar technologies (i.e. 4thtech) main innovations, a first system on the market capable of handling cryptographic tokens but also other assets such as encrypted electronic data and documents. The wallet gateway supports various chains and it is an essential component in 4thtech blockchain eDelivery and document notarisation process. 

With a single purpose, the 4thtech wallet serves as a blockchain gateway, a tool for blockchain application access. It provides the simplest but secure way to connect to the 4thtech blockchain applications (i.e. digital identity, eDelivery and notarisation) as it contains a pair of public and private cryptographic keys. A public key allows for other wallets to execute 4thtech services to the desired wallet’s address, whereas a private key enables the decryption of electronic data, documents and notarisation details from the sender address.

Main wallet functions are; (1) to serve as a blockchain gateway; (2) to be used as cryptographic token wallet and electronic data or documents management system; (3) to manage the public and private key encryption; (4) to be used as a blockchain digital identity connection service, and; (5) to be used for RSA and seed word backup mechanism.

Designed and build from the ground-up, the 4thtech add-on Wallet is fully operational and, also offers a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage digital identities and sign blockchain eDelivery transactions. 4thtech add-on Wallet can be comparable to a bank account, as it contains a pair of public and private cryptographic keys. A public key allows for other wallets to execute eDelivery to the desired wallet’s address, whereas a private key enables the decryption of electronic data and documents from that address.

Steps for installation; (1) follow on the link bellow; (2) add extension to chrome browser; (3) now you have installed extension, you can see icon on the right side; (3) click on that icon and setup your wallet; (4) refresh page and login.

4thpillar technologies does not hold your keys for you. We cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords, nor reverse transactions. Protect your keys & always check that you are on correct URL. You are responsible for your security.

Deployed on Ethereum and SI-Chain, the 4thtech add-on wallet is available for testing.


The FOUR has been created as a 100% utility-token, an atomic unit and technical component, combining three unique main features; (1) embedded TTS interface (i.e. token teleportation-service), that enables Ethereum accounts with the ability to transfer the ERC-20 tokens without having to pay for the Ethereum network transaction fees in ETH. Instead, the account pays for token transfer fees in the native FOUR; (2) MTO (i.e. multiple-transfer option) is a settlement service that conserves blockchain network transactions and bundles signed multiple transactions together and settles them on the blockchain (i.e. as one transaction). Once the transaction has been settled, the transaction is concluded. The bundling of transactions enables 4thtech platform to scale as the overall number of transactions generated on the designated blockchain network is kept at a minimum, and; (3) FOUR is used as main value and transaction “gas” in a decentralized, token-based 4thtech ecosystem. 

Token name: 4THPILLAR UTILITY TOKEN • Token symbol: FOUR • Blockchain: Ethereum • Maximum number of FOUR tokens issued: 400,000,000 (100%) • Decimals: 18 • Smart contact: 0x4730fb1463a6f1f44aeb45f6c5c422427f37f4d0 • Unique features: teleportation service, multiple-transfer option, transaction gas • Listing: IDEX, Hotbit, Bilaxy, Uniswap, Cointiger • Token standard: ERC-20 (latest Open Zeppelin implementation)

Deployed on Ethereum as ERC-20, the FOUR token is active.

Development & IP

4THTECH Consortium, PIC: 894719562/Open tenders: 2020 CEF Telecom Call – eDelivery (CEF-TC-2020-1) 


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