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/**4THTECH currently consists of four main products, which form the framework for future sollutions:

EU technology pioneers

4THTECH infrastructure currently consists of four finished blockchain-based products; (1.) FOURdx (i.e. document exchange protocol/eDelivery); (2.) FOURid (i.e. digital identification mechanism); (3.) Chrome ADD-ON (i.e. Google-extension with build in asset management), and; (4.) HI-WISE (i.e. hardware & mobile wallet of the future).

1.FOURdx- eDelivery and document exchange

FOURdx is a protocol that allows its users to exchange and safely store sensitive digital assets among each other without any intermediaries. FOURdx Blockchain-based multiple wallet and document management system is capable of: (1) connecting senders and receivers by executing document exchange; (2) performing eDelivery based on the current EU legislation, and; (3) archiving secure encrypted data storage. FOURdx protocol is designed and build based on Blockchain-technology, tested on KOVAN network and implemented on ETHEREUM main net in Q3 2018. Designed and build from the ground-up in Solidity the product is fully operational, compatible and ready for implementations.

How does it work?

For easier FOURdx process understanding we created operational segments; (1) the documentation is sent to the FOURdx API; (2) the document is stored in the repository; (3) the user is provided with the “link” of the saved location; (4) the link is sent to the blockchain, and; (5) the recipient can download the document and decrypt it with his private key saved in the browser’s ADD-ON.

2.FOURid – Blockchain based individual digital identification mechanism

FOURid, derives as a direct result of the FOURdx protocol. It offers the establishment of Blockchain-based individual digital identity and allows users to become verified, authenticated and seen in the vastness that is Blockchain. Designed and build from the ground-up in Solidity the product is fully operational and offers; (1) user onboarding authorization through a KYC identification process; (2) assignation of user’s public and private key; (3) connection between user and his or hers Blockchain wallet.


If an organization wishes to send any documentation to an individual, the individual must first be authorized through a KYC identification process. Once the organization sends the document, it is encrypted with the receiver’s public key. When this document is presented, the sender’s wallet address remains visible and it can be verified. That way the public is able to see the user’s history of document exchange. Meaning, the more organizations publish documentation to the individual’s wallet, the more he/she has been trusted as a user. This way, this individual becomes a verified user, since his digital identity is authorized and authenticated by a number of organizations, he/she has done business with. This is one of the key differentiators that separates the FOURdx protocol from merely being a document exchange provider to offering an application, which is building a digital identity through sensitive documentation.


The 4THTECH ADD-ON is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It is one of our main innovations, a first system on the market capable of handling not only digital assets but also other assets such as links to encrypted documentation. Designed and build from the ground-up, the ADD-OD is fully operational and also offers a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage FOURid identities and sign blockchain eDelivery transactions.


Steps for installation; (1) follow on the link bellow; (2) add extension to chrome browser; (3) now you have installed extension, you can see icon on the right side; (3) click on that icon and setup your wallet; (4) refresh page and login.


4THPILLAR does not hold your keys for you. We cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords, nor reverse transactions. Protect your keys & always check that you are on correct URL. You are responsible for your security.


The FOUR-TOKEN has been created as a 100% utility 
token, an atomic unit and technical component, combining three unique main features; (1) embedded token teleportation-service; (2) multiple-transfer option, and; (3) main value and “gas” in a decentralized, token-based 4THPILLAR ecosystem. To use the FOURdx-eDelivery service, the FOUR tokens are needed in order to fuel the transactions. The number of tokens is fixed, thus, there cannot be any inflation effect. As the adoption of the 4THPILLAR network and FOUR token transaction volume within the network grow, the demand for the FOUR token increases.


 • Token symbol: FOUR • Blockchain: Ethereum
 • Maximum number of FOUR tokens issued: 400,000,000 (100%)
 • Decimals: 18 
• Unique features: teleportation service, multiple-transfer option, transaction gas • Listing: LaToken
 • Token standard: ERC-20 (latest Open Zeppelin implementation)


5.The 4THTECH HI-WIZE hardware wallet

HI-WISE is an advanced PLUG&PLAY hardware wallet with futuristic uni-body design. Unique to the market, the HI-WISE has no openings and buttons, just a HI definition LCD display and it is powered by Qi charging technology. Accompanied by unique mobile multi-wallet with unparalleled safety features and integrated anti-spying algorithms. The HI-WISE hardware and mobile solution bridges the gap between the FOURdx – eDelivery platform and final user experience, opening the platform also for mobile. The HIWISE can be used as an alternative to 4THTECH add-on, providing platform login, identification and transaction conformation features.   

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