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For a clearer solution understanding, please watch the 4thTech 2.0 Round Table. The event was specially designed for blockchain users who want to deeply immerse in the topic of 4thTech decentralised electronic data exchange, blockchain network protocols and multi-blockchain application advantages. 

FOURid, Digital Identity Protocol

4thTech identity protocol (i.e. FOURid) connects wallets when data is exchanged. It serves as the public key exchange point between users. The data sender needs a public key of the receiver. At the same time, the FOURid provides wallet address verification of an individual or an organisation by creating a link between an X.509 user’s online identity and blockchain wallet address.

X.509 Digital Certificate Standard

FOURdx, Data File Exchange Protocol

FOURdx, a 4thTech Blockchain “WeTransfer” Alternative. Unlike current centralized online data file exchange solutions, FOURdx leverages trust sourced from the blockchain and provides a secure, immutable wallet A to wallet B (i.e., FOURwaL) data file exchange. It can also be defined as a decentralized network framework that supports any data exchange between wallet addresses of supported blockchains (i.e., Ethereum, HashNet, Polkadot, Edgeware and Solana). Supported by a modern intuitive web platform and thanks to multi-chain support, the FOURdx enables organizations and individuals to collaborate and exchange data in a secure, accessible, affordable and decentralised manner.

FOURns, Data File Notarisation

As a by-product of data exchange protocol (i.e. FOURdx), the FOURns can leverage the power of blockchain to facilitate source and time confirmation for data files. With the capability of; (1) storing and timestamping digital data files; (2) providing the file checksum verification of the digital data authenticity, and; (3) providing access and review of the received data file details.

FOURim, Solana Instant Messaging Protocol

The FOURim protocol leverages the Solana blockchain to serve as an immutable ledger exchanging encrypted messages from FOURwaL wallet address A to FOURwaL wallet address B close to real-time. FOURim is currently deployed at Solana DevNet and is open for testing. 

Testing is available by logging into the 4thTech Web Platform. Solana DevNet tokens are needed to execute transactions. Please airdrop the DevNet tokens (using the link below) to the SOL wallet address provided by FOURwaL.

To exchange instant messages from one FOURwaL DevNet SOL address to another FOURwaL DevNet SOL address, please follow the instructions: (1) DL 4thTech FOURwaL; (2) Log in to the 4thTech Web Platform; (3) Airdrop DevNet SOL to the FOURwaL Solana Account (available in the account section); (4) Click the “instant messaging” TAB; (5) Add new contact by pasting the FOURwaL DevNet SOL recipient address (available in the friends FOURwaL account section); (6) Start chatting; (7) Check your transactions by clicking on an Explorer link bellow.

FOURwaL, Add-on Wallet in your Browser

With a single purpose, the 4thTech wallet (i.e. FOURwaL) serves as a blockchain gateway, a tool for 4thTech platform access. It provides a secure way to connect to the 4thTech blockchain protocols (i.e. FOURid, FOURdx, FOURns & others) as it contains a pair of public and private cryptographic keys. A public key allows for other wallets to execute 4thTech services to the desired wallet’s address, whereas a private key enables the decryption of data files from the sender address.

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