Q2 2018 / Release of the Google Chrome FOURwaL client app with Ethereum mainnet support (version BETA)

FOURwaL serves as a blockchain gateway, a tool for 4thTech web platform access and provides a secure way to connect to the 4thTech blockchain protocols. 

Q2 2018 / Deployment of the FOURid & FOURdx protocol with Ethereum mainnet support (version BETA)

FOURdx leverages the trust sourced from the blockchain and provides a secure, immutable wallet A to wallet B data exchange, while FOURid connects wallets when data is exchanged and serves as the public key exchange point between users. 

Q2 2018 / Release of the 4thTech web platform client app (version BETA)

The 4thTech web platform serves as an onboarding hub accessed by the user via a web browser with an installed FOURwaL blockchain wallet add-on. It connects and hosts all the deployed 4thTech protocols and services in one ecosystem, giving the user all in one access.

Q3 2020 / Deployment of the FOURdx protocol with SI-Chain (i.e., HashNet) support (MVP version 1.0)

SI-Chain is a national blockchain pilot infrastructure that offers EMV smart contracts and Ethereum compatible dApp environment. Built based on the HashNet protocol it explores supporting tools for implementing Blockchain services and outlines the technology infrastructures. 

Q3 2020 / Deployment of the FOURns service with Ethereum mainnet support (MVP version 1.0)

FOURns leverage the power of blockchain to facilitate source and time confirmation for any data files exchanged within the 4thTech ecosystem. 

Q4 2020 / The FOURid protocol update (MVP version 1.0)

The update adds the X.509 digital certificate standard support. Attached with a specific blockchain wallet address the data can now be verified, while the X.509 digital certificate standard provides the off-chain connection with individuals and organizations.

Q4 2020 / Release of 4thTech Wiki (version 1.0)

Documentation library serves as a guide for developers and solutions users that are getting started with 4thTech. The documentation library also serves as a location to explore and understand the solutions and all the different resources available that can assist with integration or system usage.

Q1 2021 / The FOURwaL client app update (version 2.0)

Besides the extensive redesign, the FOURwaL 2.0 update offers support for Firefox and all Chromium-based browsers, while the extension enables the support for Ethereum, HashNet and Substrate accounts. All connections to blockchains are now part of the platform.

Q1 2021 / The 4thTech web platform client app update (version 2.0)

As a part of the 2.0 update, the 4thTech web platform now adds the Polkadot Edgeware Substrate support. The codebase was rewritten with TypeScript and has overgone the crucial performance upgrade from Vue 2 to Vue 3. New features and functions are embedded, so the user experience can be as intuitive as possible.

N/A 2021 / The 4thTech web platform update (version 2.1)

As a part of the 2.1 updates, the 4thTech web platform adds the Tolar HashNet and Solana public blockchain support.

N/A 2021 / Deployment of the FOURim protocol (version 1.0)

The on-chain instant messaging protocol or short FOURim leverages the Solana blockchain to serve as an immutable ledger exchanging encrypted messages from FOURwaL wallet address A to FOURwaL wallet address B theoretically in real-time.

N/A 2021 / Deployment of the ERC-20 FOUR staking protocol

FOUR staking provides FOUR holders with rewards in the form of service fee margin discounts, while it enables the FOURim (i.e., instant messaging protocol) right to access.

N/A Release of the 4thTech AP (i.e., enterprise access point version BETA)

The AP will provide 4thTech services access and will serve as a connection point between existing enterprise IT infrastructure (i.e. ERP) and the blockchain network of your selection.

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