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Blockchain technology proposes the ideal foundation to simplify digital value-holding file and documents exchange. To address this issue, 4thpillar technologies (i.e. 4thtech), proposed and later developed a safe, fast cross DLT blockchain-based solution, which leverages trust provided by the blockchain and provides secure, immutable, instant cross-border electronic data and document exchange. To provide an option for blockchain address ownership verification, the digital identity mechanism was constructed, which can authenticate verified connection between a blockchain wallet and a person. Document Notarisation is also an essential part of the 4thtech ecosystem and provides unique digital data or document timestamp and authenticity verification. Follow the link below for full roadmap recap with every event description.


4thtech initiative deployed Google Chrome extension blockchain wallet, a unique wallet system capable of handling not only cryptographic tokens but also other assets such as encrypted electronic data and documents.

Next Phase Advancement: Deployment of blockchain electronic data and documents exchange protocol on Ethereum main-net.



4thtech initiative deployed blockchain electronic data and documents exchange protocol on Ethereum main-net. The users can; (1) exchange electronic data and documents between 4thtech wallet addresses, and; (2) use FOUR for transaction GAS.

Next Phase Advancement: Once the protocol passes sufficient tests, the development advances to blockchain document Notarisation service.


FOURdx SI-Chain deployment

4thtech initiative joined the Slovenian National Blockchain Testing Infrastructure SI-Chain, enabling 4thtech's FOURdx (i.e. electronic data and document exchange protocol) second chain deployment.


4thtech initiative deployed blockchain electronic documents Notarisation service on Ethereum main-net. The users can leverage the power of blockchain to facilitate source and time confirmation for digital data and documents. With the capability of; (1) storing and time-stamping a digital data or document; (2) providing the checksum verification of the digital data or document authenticity, and; (3) providing access and review of the document Notarisation details.

Next Phase Advancement: The deployment of 4thtech digital identity mechanism.



4thtech initiative deployed blockchain digital identity mechanism on Ethereum main-net. The users can; (1) connect the X.509 standard digital certificate with 4thtech blockchain wallet; (2) provide the digital identity for 4thtech blockchain electronic data and document exchange, and; (3) provide a digital identity for 4thtech blockchain document Notarisation.

Next Phase Advancement: Publication of 4thtech Wiki


4thtech Wiki

The Wiki provides the most recent information and development status of the 4thtech systems, including all the needed information regarding 4thtech implementation.

Next Phase Advancement: Additional blockchain support for 4thtech solutions.

4thtech Wiki

4thtech 2.0

4thtech 2.0 adds a number of functionalities and upgrades; (1) 4thtech wallet rework with Google Chrome and Mozilla browsers support; (2) new end-user platform modern redesign; (3) additional blockchain support, for users to choose from when using 4thtech services, and; (4) new tokenization model, allows users to receive discounts when using FOUR to execute 4thtech transactions; (5) service payments possibility also in native chain tokens.

Next Phase Advancement: Enterprise Access-Point (i.e. AP) development.

Enterprise Access-Point

The development and deployment of an Enterprise Access Point is a key to connectivity between existing enterprise systems and blockchain solutions. The new Enterprise Access Point will be written in Java and interact directly with the blockchain (subject to EU grant)


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