Blockchain technology proposes the ideal foundation to simplify digital sensitive documents or file exchange. To address this issue in 2017, 4thpillar technologies (i.e. 4THTECH), proposed and later develop a safe, fast and inexpensive blockchain-based solution, a future way of sensitive document exchange and eDelivery (i.e. FOURdx). To provide an option for blockchain address ownership verification, the identification mechanism (i.e.FOURid) was constructed in 2018, which could eventually lead to some form of individual digital identity and authenticate verified connection between a blockchain wallet and a person. After two years of FOURdx MVP testing, the concept has been validated, tested on early adopters and recognised as blockchain development suited for eDelivery needs. Follow the link below for full roadmap recap with every event description.

2017, when it all began

  • September 2017

    Publication of project whitepaper 1.0

  • November 2017

    Project formalisation

  • November 2017

    Initial research and development

  • December 2017

    4thtech online brand development

2018, the year of validation

  • February 2018

    Google Chrome 4thtech add-on extension deployment (Ethereum chain)

  • April 2018

    Deployment of blockchain eDelivery BETA protocol on Ethereum main chain

  • April 2018

    Four-token (embedded TTS, MTO and transaction gas) TGE

  • September 2018

    Deployment of digital identity BETA mechanism

  • October 2018

    Publication of project whitepaper 2.0

2019, testing period

  • January 2019

    Early Adopters BETA testing program

  • May 2019

    Blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) use-case formulation

  • November 2019

    HI-WISE partnership

2020, the year of recognition

  • February 2020

    HashNET (i.e. scalable, decentralised blockchain project) partnership

  • February 2020

    SI-Chain (i.e. Slovenian national blockchain test infrastructure) partnership

  • April 2020

    Formulation of 4thtech and HashNET consortium

  • April 2020

    Publication of blockchain eDelivery cross-platform client technical paper

  • May 2020

    Publication of project whitepaper 3.0

  • May 2020

    INEA 2020 CEF Telecom Call - eDelivery (CEF-TC-2020-1) application

  • June/July 2020

    Deployment of blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) on SI-Chain

  • June/July 2020

    Google Chrome 4thtech add-on extension deployment (SI-Chain)

  • July 2020

    4thtech at Virtual Workshop Towards Global Interoperability Blockchain Infrastructure in Geneva

  • July/December 2020

    The launch of Si-Chain blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) partner testing program

  • AUGUST to OCTOBER 2020

    Additional open-source chain support for Blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx)

  • OCTOBER 2020

    4thtech Scalability Server Infrastructure Upgrade

  • NOVEMBER 2020

    Publication of 4thtech Wiki

  • December 2020

    The start of initial research and development for blockchain eDelivery cross-platform client

2021, development towards adoption

  • January 2021

    The development of eDelivery cross-platform client smart-contract (i.e. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS)

  • FEBRUARY 2021

    The development of eDelivery cross-platform client json metadata schema (i.e. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS)

  • MARCH to MAY 2021

    The upgrade of RSA public key repository (i.e. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS)

  • JUNE to AUGUST 2021

    The development of cross-platform eDelivery client digital-identity mechanism (i.e. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS)

  • AUGUST 2021 to JANUAR 2022

    The development of 4thtech cross-platform desktop eDelivery client (i.e. Windows, Mac OS, Linux)


  • FEBRUARY to JULY 2022

    The development of 4thtech cross-platform mobile eDelivery client (i.e. Android and IOS)