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Electronic Data Exchange Protocol - FOURdx

4thtech 2.0 Deployment

4thtech 2.0 is Live and Operational. It delivers a unique platform solving important technical blockchain challenges within a niche industry of electronic data exchange. The blockchain gateway FOURwaL 2.0 is already available in Firefox and Chrome stores supporting Ethereum, Substrate and Hashnet protocols. 

FOURwaL BETA / Chromium ADD-ON / Q2 2018

With a single purpose, the FOURwaL serves as a blockchain gateway, a tool for 4thtech services access. It provides the simplest but secure way to connect to the 4thtech blockchain applications as it contains a pair of public and private cryptographic keys. A public key allows for other wallets to execute 4thtech services to the desired wallet’s address, whereas a private key enables the decryption of electronic data, documents from the sender address. Read more: https://the4thpillar.io/products/#fourwal

Next Phase Advancement: Deployment of FOURdx (i.e. blockchain electronic data and documents exchange protocol) on Ethereum MAIN-NET

FOURdx BETA / Ethereum Support / Q2 2018

FOURdx leverages trust provided by the blockchain and provides secure, immutable, instant cross-border electronic data and document exchange. The protocol is capable of; (1) connecting senders and receivers by executing electronic data and documents exchange; (2) performing eDelivery based on the current EU guidelines; (3) archiving securely encrypted data, and (4) following the GDPR guidelines. Read more: https://the4thpillar.io/products/#fourdx

Next Phase Advancement: FOURns (i.e. blockchain document notarisation service)

FOURdx MVP v1.0 / SI-Chain Support / Q3 2020

4thtech initiative joined the Slovenian National Blockchain Testing Infrastructure SI-Chain, enabling 4thtech's FOURdx (i.e. electronic data and document exchange protocol) second chain deployment. Read more: The Scope of SI-Chain and the first application deployment (Medium article)

Next Phase Advancement: FOURns (i.e. blockchain document notarisation service)

FOURns MVP v1.0 / Q3 2020

As a by-product of FOURdx, the FOURns can leverage the power of blockchains to facilitate source and time confirmation for digital data and documents. With the capability of; (1) storing and timestamping a digital data or document; (2) providing the file checksum verification of the digital data or document authenticity, and; (3) providing access and review of the document notarisation details. Read more: https://the4thpillar.io/products/#fourns

Next Phase Advancement: FOURid (i.e. blockchain digital identity mechanism)

FOURid MVP v1.0 / Q4 2020

FOURid provides wallet address verification of an individual or an organisation by creating a link between an X.509 user’s online identity and blockchain wallet address. With the capability of; (1) connecting the X.509 standard digital certificate with blockchain wallet address; (2) providing the digital identity for FOURdx, and; (3) FOURns, the digital identity mechanism ensures integrity and traceability in a decentralised ecosystem. Read more: https://the4thpillar.io/products/#fourid

Next Phase Advancement: 4thtech WIKI

4thtech WIKI / Q4 2020

The 4thtech WIKI provides the most recent information and development status of the 4thtech systems, including all the needed information regarding 4thtech implementation. Discover 4thtech WIKI: https://wiki.the4thpillar.com/

Next Phase Advancement: FOURwaL 2.0

FOURwaL v2.0 / Ethereum, HashNet & Substrate Support / Q1 2021

FOURwaL 2.0 is now completely redesigned and offers support for Firefox and all Chromium-based browsers. The extension enables the support for Ethereum, Substrate, and HashNet accounts and is used for storing private keys, transaction signing, and decryption of received electronic data and documents. All connections to blockchains are now part of the platform. Read more: https://the4thpillar.io/products/#fourwal

Next Phase Advancement: 4thtech Platform 2.0 deployment

4thTech Platform v2.0 / Ethereum, HashNet & Substrate Support / Q1 2021

As a part of the 2.0 update, the 4thtech web platform codebase was rewritten with TypeScript and has overgone the crucial performance upgrade from Vue 2 to Vue 3. New features and functions are embedded, so the user experience can be as intuitive as possible. The 2.0 update includes automatic electronic data verification (i.e. FOURns), while the blockchain network address recognition system simplifies the data exchange (i.e. FOURdx) process. Read more: https://the4thpillar.io/technology/#platform

Next Phase Advancement: FOUR Staking

FOUR Staking - Locking / Enables up to 50% Service FEE DISCOUNTs

FOUR Staking will also enable users to receive up to 50% DISCOUNT on 4thTech services FEE MARGIN while settling with native chain tokens (i.e. ETH, EDG…) of their public-blockchain choice. (i.e. Ethereum, Substrate…).

Enterprise Access-Point (i.e. AP)

Written in Java the Access Point (i.e. AP) will provide 4thtech services access and will serve as a connection point between existing enterprise IT infrastructure (i.e. ERP) and the blockchain network of your selection.

Scalable, interoperable, multi-blockchain electronic data exchange and digital identity solution

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