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//**We share our knowledge, advise, clarify open questions and excel at blockchain:

We assist in the clarification of open questions and share our knowledge in open forums. 4thpillar technologies established services provide valuable technology and industry knowledge, by delivering scalable blockchain solutions needed for optimal project development and industrial implementation.

We advise on the implementation of the 4thtech solutions and testing of our use-cases; (1) blockchain electronic data and documents exchange protocol (i.e. FOURdx); (2) digital identity mechanism (i.e. FOURid); (3) blockchain Notarisation service (i.e. FOURns), and; (4) blockchain gateway wallet. Tailored-made APIs are developed for process automatisation.

We advise how to upgrade your existing IT assets with blockchain technology or help you build a new tailored solution. We excel at; (1) blockchain project framework logic; (2) technical blockchain feasibility; (3) tokenisation model mapping; (4) blockchain eDelivery integration; (5) European Union tender application (i.e. INEA, SMART, CEF Telecom, ESPON), and; (7) legal blockchain project implementations.

We conceptualise and create unique blockchain white paper projects and clarifying open questions of; (1) utility blockchain architecture; (2) technology choices; (3) token and project economics, and; (4) project design.

To cut through the hype in a fogy crypto fin-tech online environment, the experience is a must, so we build from ours. We leverage our knowledge and partner network towards success following proven project exposure blueprint; (1) content architecture and content publishing network (i.e. online content structure, news aggregators, etc.); (2) OBA project design (i.e. online brand awareness); (3) landing page design, and; (4) listing advisory (i.e. exchange listings, token listings).


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