blockchain edelivery protocol

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  1. General

Use of the Services– User may use the services of blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) to send and receive electronic data and documents over Ethereum-Chain. Users must provide a compatible system (i.e. Google Chrome) and working internet access.

User Wallet– The electronic data and documents exchange process run between blockchain wallets, where private and public cryptographic keys are used for transaction authentication. To use the blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx), an electronic blockchain wallet (4thtech add-on) is needed. 4thpillar technologies do not hold your keys for you. We cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords, nor reverse transactions. “Protect your keys and always check that you are on the correct URL, use the wallet backup file and seed words. You are responsible for your security.”

  1. 4thtech add-on

Introduction– According to (Cryptocurrency wallet – Wikipedia, n.d.), a cryptocurrency wallet is a device, program, or service which stores the public and/or private keys and can be used to track ownership, receive or spend cryptocurrencies. As all cryptocurrencies run on blockchains, cryptocurrency wallets can be referred also as blockchain wallets. Up to now, the blockchain wallet was mostly used for cryptocurrency asset holding and exchange.

Solution– The 4thtech add-on is a Google Chrome Extension wallet, that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It is one of our main innovations, a system capable of handling not only digital assets but also other assets such as links to encrypted electronic data and documents.

Solution Design– Designed and built from the ground-up, the 4thtech add-on is fully operational and also offers a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage digital identities and sign blockchain eDelivery transactions. 4thtech add-on can be comparable to a bank account, as it contains a pair of public and private cryptographic keys. A public key allows for other wallets to execute eDelivery to the desired wallet’s address, whereas a private key enables the decryption of electronic data and documents from that address.

Installation– Steps for installation; (1) follow on the link below; (2) add an extension to chrome browser; (3) now you have installed extension, you can see an icon on the right side; (3) click on that icon and set up your wallet; (4) refresh the page and log in.

Download link– 

Login link–

Process– For easier blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) understanding operational segments were created; (1) the electronic data and documents are uploaded to the FOURdx API (i.e. currently limited to 20MB file size); (2) the electronic data and documents are stored in the repository; (3) the user is provided with the “link” of the saved location; (4) the link is sent to the blockchain, and; (5) the recipient can download the electronic data or documents and decrypt it with his private key saved in the browser’s 4thtech add-on.

Warning– 4thtech does not hold your keys for you. We cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords, nor reverse transactions. Protect your keys & always check that you are on the correct URL. You are responsible for your security.

  1. Fees and taxes

Fees– The user is responsible for any access or data fees incurred from third parties (e.g. internet provider or mobile carrier) in connection with the use of blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx). To use the FOURdx, eDelivery service on Ethereum-chain, the cryptographic tokens called four-tokens are needed to fuel the transactions. 4thtech does not sell four-tokens, the tokens must be purchased in the designated exchange. 4thtech does not guarantee a token price. The user must ensure sufficient balance in his or her wallet to process blockchain eDelivery transactions.

Transaction price– The current test price for one electronic data and document exchange transaction is 8 FOUR. As the test period will fade out, the transaction fee for sending and receiving electronic data and documents using blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) will be based on FIAT value, processed in FOUR. The price will be fixed in FIAT, but variable and adjusted in FOUR at a given day’s market price. 4thtech has the right to change transaction price at any time by updating the revised terms to and by notifying the users of the change. The continued use of the services following such notice will indicate the user acceptance of the new terms.

Taxes– The user is responsible for any and all taxes. User must comply with any and all applicable tax laws, including the reporting and payment of any taxes arising in connection with your use of the blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) Services. The reporting and payment of any such applicable taxes are solely users responsibility.

  1. Regulatory and risk migration

FOUR– The sale of the FOUR is available on the designated exchange and it is not a public offering of equity or debt and, consequently, does not fall under securities or any prospectus regulation. The four-tokens are not securities as defined under applicable laws of the European Union. Therefore, the four-tokens have not been registered with any competent regulator. The exchange sale of the four-tokens is unregulated. We are closely following changes to legislation in the most relevant jurisdictions in the world and undertake to act accordingly if regulatory changes impact the four-token exchange sale and operations of the 4th pillar technologies infrastructure. We are not a financial institution and are currently not under the supervision of any financial supervisory authority. We do not provide any licensed financial services, such as investment or brokerage services, capital raising, fund management, or investment advice. 

  1. Personal data and GDPR

Personal Data Protection– We are firmly committed to protecting collected and processed personal data and designing our platform in compliance with the individual’s data privacy, which will be protected at the highest level. We have already carried out the legal analysis of the 4th Pillar habitat for personal data protection issues with the help of external legal service providers to ensure that what we pursue is feasible. We will make sure that all processes of individual’s data will be audited and acquire certifications of our conduct, procedures and security measures regarding personal data by respective certification authorities under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The individuals will be able to choose a level of privacy according to their needs and desires on the 4th Pillar platform. They will also be able to withdraw their data. The blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) does not store the transmitted electronic data and documents on the blockchain. The electronic data and documents are stored off-chain. The protocol records links to encrypted files and hashes of the encrypted content on the blockchain. This safeguards the rights of individuals to confidentiality and privacy. This safeguards the rights of individuals to confidentiality and privacy.

GDPR– Blockchain eDelivery protocol (i.e. FOURdx) was designed and built according to the European Union and GDPR guidelines with main GDPR compliance features; (1) blockchain network is used for transactions that include encrypted document link, that only the receiver can open using his or her private key; (2) no personal information is located in the blockchain transaction; (3) send encrypted electronic data and documents are stored in the off-chain data repository (i.e. data repository of user choice) and can be erased on the subject request, and; (4) the sender and the receiver jointly assume responsibility for complying with the GDPR and establishing a lawful basis.

  1. US and Canadian citizens disclaimer

The content of this website is provided for information purposes only and is not to be used or considered to be an investment recommendation or an offer or solicitation to buy, sell or subscribe to any securities or other financial instruments.


Terms update– 4thtech have the right to change these Terms at any time by updating the revised Terms to and by notifying the users of the change. The continued use of the Services following such notice will indicate the user acceptance of the new Terms.